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Note: Before you ask us to find the best price for your Sugar Order, please make sure that your client, the End Buyer, is real and is financially capable of paying for the contract. Unfortunately 90% of the so called buyers we screen don’t have the financial capacity to purchase the product, wasting our time and resources.

We have therefore instituted the following screening process:

1. Buyer or Agent request SCO
2. We will send the SCO to Buyer or Agent.
3. Buyer issues LOI complete with banking information and proof of financial capability to pay for the order.

The following constitutes acceptable proof:

A.) Soft Probe Authorization
B.) Bank Endorsed ICPO
C.) Recent BCL (No older than 3 business days)

4. Buyer submits signed and sealed NCNDA.
5. After we confirm the financial capability of the buyer a draft contract will be issued by the appropriate Seller.
6. All subsequent steps will be followed according to the procedure applicable to the type of order required and as outlined in the draft contract.

Please do not ask us to forgo the screening process. Each order must be qualified by this process. This will help you and us save time and allow us to concentrate on our Real Clients.

General Information:

  • All overpricing must be authorized by The Samora Group.
  • No Past Performance or Sanitized documents are Issued by The Samora Group.
  • SCO’s are issued based on full and complete order information only.
  • We don’t work to buyer’s procedure
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